Price guide

General Information

It is very important to me that you are completely satisfied with the portrait I create of your pet.

Initially, I do not require a deposit to begin work on your pet’s portrait. Once I have finished the portrait, I will e-mail you a digital picture of the finished portrait. If it meets your approval, and you are happy with the image, then after payment is made, I will send you the original portrait by registered mail.

Generally, I do not frame the portraits because most people have a decided sense of style and taste for how they envision the decorative frame. Also, since it will be mailed from Japan to wherever you live in the world, it increases the chance for damage if the frame should break. It will be securely packed in a heavy cardboard covering, and will be shipped by airmail.

After your initial contact, I will correspond with you about the type and size of portrait you would like. My specialty is pastel-colored pencil portraits which allow me to match very closely the color and texture of your pet’s coat, recreating as closely as possible on paper your pet’s image.

I prefer to receive one primary photo that you want recreated in the portrait, but I appreciate a variety of good, clear pictures of your pet so I can compare and get a sense of your pet’s coloring, particular physical details, and of course most importantly, your pet’s personality.

The quality of the portrait I make, in large part, depends upon the photo(s) you submit. Please make sure they are in focus, properly lighted, and show the rue coloring and texturing of your pet’s physical body. Additional photos you submit to me can help with this, as well as to give me an idea of your pet’s unique and singular personality. Should you decide to submit a professionally shot photo, you must first get copyright permission from the photographer or studio.

Portraits in pastel-colored pencils look best if they are done intimately and not too big. I prefer to do portraits up to 8 X 10 (20 cm X 25 cm). Many of my clients like to display my portraits on tabletops, like family photos are displayed. I find most people select the 4 X 6 (10 cm X 15 cm) or 5 X 7 (13 cm X 18 cm) sizes.

For my portraits, I use a textured white, heavy-stock sketch paper which makes it easy to frame. The actual image will conform to the size you order, allowing you to use a standard-sized mat border and frame.

Depending on the time of the year, and how many orders I have, dictates how long it will take me to get a portrait finished and mailed back to you. If it is for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary present, please make sure you specify when you need it finished by (allowing time for me to send it back to you). Christmas orders should be made several to six months in advance as this is always a busy time of year for me.

If you would like to commission an original portrait of your pet, please contact me at .

I look forward to hearing from you and creating for you a memorable portrait of your pet.